A nationally-known pioneer and thought leader in career coaching, Jack has helped thousands of people to find work that is satisfying and well-paid. Whether seeking to follow an inner calling, leaving a field that is no longer satisfying or viable, or just looking for that next job, he has helped them to develop a vision for their long-term future, then provide the structure and support to help them reach it.

Jack has touched and inspired many people beyond his client base through his innovative career workshops that challenge and uplift. He has delivered many seminars, courses, and lectures, and is a popular guest on TV and radio shows. His work in men’s groups have likewise helped men to reach their potential in all aspects of their lives

His book, “Negotiating Your Salary: How to Make $1000 a Minute” has helped people across America to get fairly compensated for their work. It is recognized nationally as the “bible” of salary negotiations, and is now in its seventh edition. He has coached many people one on one to prepare for those difficult salary discussions, assisting high-profile executives to add hundreds of thousands to their compensation, middle managers to finally get paid for the value they bring to the company, and hourly-wage workers to bargain for extra benefits or perks

Jack’s background includes seven years of study in the Jesuit order, where he earned a B.A. degree with 5 majors: Classics, Philosophy, Theology, Mathematics, and English. The holder of a master’s degree in Vocational Guidance, he has had a wide variety of careers himself–teaching at the high school and college level, real estate management, corporate training and development, and career management consulting.

Jack lives in Wilmette, Illinois. He can be reached at 847-251-4727.